Personal statement and job interview tips

A personal statement and the job interview you give must be an accurate description of you as a person but show the employer how you are the right person for the job. In both your personal statement and job interview you should avoid talking about "me" all the time; this may sound odd but an employer is more interested in how you can help their organisation and how you'll do well in the job. Everything you say must be relevant to the position and articulate.

Personal Statement Tips

Your personal statement is the first thing an employer reads on your CV. You need to catch the employer's eye from the very beginning as most only look at a CV for 20 to 30 seconds before losing interest. You need to design a personal statement that's short but gives an overview of you as a person and why you can be a good asset to any business.

  • Keep sentences short and only keep to one point per sentence. Make about 6 different points throughout your personal statement.
  • All points you make about yourself should be relevant to the position you're applying for and should show your qualities as an employee; avoid talking too much about your ambitions.
  • Don't mention your employment history or education too much as this is already explained in the history and education sections of your CV.
  • Tell the company how your skills can help them achieve their goals. Don't just mention you're an excellent team player - tell them how this is good for their company and provide examples of how this has helped you in the past (briefly).

Job Interview Tips

Once you've snagged a job interview with your personal statement you'll need to prepare yourself to meet the employer. First and foremost you should dress appropriately for the interview but still ensure you're outfit is both smart and comfortable for you; wearing something smart but not comfortable will only makes things more difficult in the interview for you. Make sure you know everything about your CV well before the interview date. When attending the interview you should try:

  • To arrive slightly early, around 10 or 15 minutes, but not too early.
  • State your name clearly to any receptionist and who you're there to see (and at what time). Present yourself in a friendly, approachable manner to all employees.
  • Shake hands with your interviewer(s) when you meet them.
  • Concentrate on everything said in the interview and try to provide concise answers. Take time replying to questions and avoid talking fast.
  • Maintain eye contact with interviewers and sit relaxed in the chair, but not slouched.


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