The Perfume Shop: Jobs in London

The Perfume Shop are undergoing an growth phase and are continuing to expand beyond their current 250 stores in the UK and Ireland. A brand new store has just opened in Straford in London so there are plenty of perfume shop jobs available in London at the present time and we can help you to find them quickly.

Save Time on Your Perfume Job Search

The quickest way to find The Perfume Shop jobs in the London area is to visit the company's website at www.theperfumeshop.com. On the homepage, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and look for the Jobs link which is located underneath the "About The Perfume Shop" column, just above the Facebook and Twitter links.

Click through and you will be taken to a dedicated jobs site where you can immediately apply for a position if you find a suitable one. The search menu is easy to use and you can find jobs in the London area near to your home by inputting your postcode as part of your search. There is also a nifty job alerts section that you can input your email address if you wish to be immediately informed of upcoming positions that match your criteria.

Alternatively, you can check out the Simply Hired website at www.simplyhired.co.uk and do a quick search for perfume shop jobs in London. The majority of available jobs in the perfume shop category in London are currently with The Perfume Shop company.

You will be returned back a list of positions in the London area and there are jobs available as a merchandiser, area manager, sales assistant, sales manager, counter manager, store manager and even deputy manager.

Keep tabs on Social Media Pages

Another way to stay in the loop regarding new Perfume Shop jobs in London and the rest of the UK is to follow @ThePerfumeShop on Twitter and like the Perfume Shop page on Facebook. The Twitter feed in particular is quite busy and new job postings tend to be mentioned rather quickly on there.

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