Looking for Perfume Shop Jobs in Leicester?

If you are currently hoping to find perfume shop jobs in the Leicester area then we may be able to give you a little helping hand. For working in the perfume sector in Leicester you have quite a few options so lets run through them quickly along with some tips to get you hired.

Be Eager and Flatter

When it comes to perfume shop jobs in Leicester or any job in any field really, the key to securing a position is showing some initiative and demonstrating that you would be an employee worth having. This involves locating all the possible perfume shops in Leicester that you could see yourself working at and dropping in for a quick chat and then leaving your CV.

When thinking about getting a job in the perfume sector then The Perfume Shop should always be a consideration should you choose to remain anywhere in the UK. There are 3 branches in Leisester alone - one at Fosse Park Shopping Centre, one in Superdrug in Haymarket Towers and another at Highcross Shopping Centre. The Perfume Shop is a progressive company which is continuing to expand and new job openings appear all the time so stay proactive with this company. Checking www.theperfumeshop.com for new positions will be a useful tool in your jobhunt.

Also in Leicester there are currently positions with House of Fraser at Highcross Shopping Centre. These positions are typically sales assistant and counter jobs so if this is the type of work you are wanting make sure to drop into them. You can also visit www.highcrossleicester.com/jobs to check if any new jobs in perfume have been advertised.

Exhaust All Options

After checking out The Perfume Shop and House of Fraser make sure to exhaust all other possibilities for perfume shop jobs in Leicester too. You have plenty of choices too with places like Superdrug, Boots and dozens of other local pharmacies. The main thing is to stay positive and keep working hard until you have found yourself a perfume shop job.

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