Prepare perfect answers for job interviews!

Believe it or not, the hard part’s over – you’ve impressed them enough to get a job interview. You’ve got what they’re looking for, and all that’s left to do is to separate yourself from the competition...

The trick is: don’t prepare too much! You’ve heard a million times that preparation is vital. It is – but you run the risk of shooting yourself in the foot if you do too much.

The interviewer is likely to ask what you know about the company – so just make sure you know enough to give a two minute overview. The more detail you go into, the more chance there is of getting something wrong. No matter how much internet research you do, you won’t have the same understanding of the job as someone who actually does it every day. If you misinterpret even a tiny aspect of business, that’s what they’ll remember you for. Keep it simple.

Learning perfect answers for job interviews off-by-heart can also be detrimental. If they ask you questions you don’t expect, you could trip yourself up trying to recite lines from other answers. Besides, unless you’re a great actor, you’ll sound unnatural!

Spend days and days preparing for a Big Interview and you’re going to be nervous. And if you’re flustered, you’ll underperform. An interview isn’t an exam; it’s a chance for you to discuss your skills and abilities. At the end of the day, you already know these.

Two hours preparation is fine:

  • 40 minutes reading up on the company, the industry and their competitors
  • 40 minutes brainstorming likely questions and how you would tackle them
  • 20 minutes reading through your resume
  • 10 minutes thinking of relevant questions to ask
  • 10 minutes of getting all the information straight in your head


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