Tips to get PE teaching jobs

When you become a PE teacher, thousands of others will be graduating at the same time as you. It makes finding that dream job just a little be harder. However, there are a number of opportunities for PE teaching jobs available as long as you have the right style of CV and great interview techniques.

Your CV needs to show why you should be accepted for an interview. This is the chance you’re going to get to impress your potential employer, so you need to make it count. While your showing off your skills, add details of how you’ve used the skills in employment or during your university course; otherwise they’re just words on a page.

Add some personality to your CV through your words. Don’t just opt for the buzzwords; employers see right through them. Take your time to carefully proofread everything that you write to avoid spelling or grammar mistakes.

The CV is the first chance to see your communication capabilities, which is essential for PE teaching. You could also help with this by providing a link to a blog or articles; maybe you have ideas for lesson plans online that you've created.

If you’ve given a great CV then you’ll get invited for an interview. Be prepared for it by researching about the school and what they offer to the community. You should also look into the details of the sports department to see what's available. Will you need to split the classes up for boys and girls? Will you be teaching co-ed PE?

Expect to do a presentation or take a PE class; this is just so the interviewer can see how you interact with the students and what your teaching style is like to make sure you're suitable for the PE teaching job.

Ask lots of questions during your interview. This is the best way you’ll find out more about the role you’ll be doing and will also show the employer that you’re interested in the job. When you get home, follow up with a short email or phone call to thank them for the interview.


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