Payment during sick leave

If you fall ill, you want to know that your bills will be covered. Payment during sick leave is one of the most important things to understand before you agree to a new job as it safeguards you. There are two types of sick pay you could be entitled to. We take a look at both.

Types of sick pay

Company sick pay is a form or remuneration that’s otherwise known as contractual or occupational sick pay. If your firm runs a sick pay scheme, you will be paid from that pot. If your company don’t have anything in place, which is not very common nowadays, you’ll have to rely on Statutory Sick Pay.

Statutory Sick Pay

Statutory Sick Pay or SSP only begins to pay out on the fourth day of your illness. The amount paid is £88.45 per week which you can receive for up to 28 weeks. You need to be ill for four or more days, including the weekend, to qualify and your firm can’t give you less than the SSP amount. If you’d like to know more about SSP, check out the page on gov.uk.

Company sick pay schemes

These schemes normally top up the SSP payment so you get the same wage you would if you’d worked those days. There’s normally a period of time you need to serve before you qualify, which is typically 3 months. These schemes can cover you for up to three months, although that’s the exception rather than the norm. Some schemes pay out full payment for a period, followed by half payment for another length of time before your sick leave becomes unpaid. You’ll need to find out what you’re entitled to by speaking to your line manager or your HR rep.

Employment rights

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