Part-time Jobs

Make no mistake, it's tricky getting work at the minute. On top of the credit crunch some people simply have bad luck with searching, while others lack the motivation or knowledge about where to look properly. If you're in college it can be especially difficult to keep your head above water. Getting a government funded grant is all but impossible. If you want to stay in education, it's all down to you! Since students have to stay on top of all their college work (and hence don't have endless free time) a part time job could be the perfect solution to give you that extra few quid you need to stay afloat. It's always handy to have a few bucks..... and if it's going to make college life that bit easier it's got to be worth the 3 hours a day.

So where to start looking? Head on over to the jobsite webpage to kick off the hunt. This website tracks down the best part-time jobs as close to your location as possible. Simply fill in your criteria and away you go. Jobsite will suggest all the available jobs in the closest proximity to where you live as well as details on how to apply. Upload an online CV onto the website - this makes it a lot quicker for employers to get back to you. Hit up the Jobsite and see if you can get something sorted today. Happy hunting!

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