We look for the best way to find part time Worksop Nottinghamshire jobs

Finding part time jobs can in itself become a full time job if you're not careful. Whether you're trying to earn yourself some additional money with a second part time job, or simply want to get yourself back into the work force we can give you a hand with some tips to finding part time Worksop Nottinghamshire jobs.

Depending on how you want to approach it, there are generally accepted to be two main ways to search for part time employment. Firstly, you can take the old fashioned route and set out on foot for a couple of afternoon's scouting assignments, armed with your most up to date CVs and generic cover letters.

This is certainly the tried and tested approach, but it can also be one of the most frustrating. Handing over your CV to a snotty nosed teen is never an enjoyable experience, and even less so when you know that the chances of it ever making it as far as their manager are slim to none. To enhance your chances of getting your CV looked at, we recommend that you always ask to speak the manager of the business when applying for jobs in this ad hoc manner.

Explain why you are there, and what your relevant experience is, before enquiring about any vacancies that may be on offer, or that might arise in the near future, before asking if it's ok to leave your CV. This way you will begin to build a personal relationship with the manager which will move you ahead of any other faceless CV only applicants.

Alternatively you can try applying online. We recommend you check out the websites of your regional newspapers and radio stations for the most up to date part time job vacancy listings, because the large scale national sites simply don't tend to cater all that much for the local part time market.

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