Our guide on how you can find part time work in Romford

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Romford is a busy and lively suburban town in northeast London. It has always had a strong economy and in recent times has developed a vibrant night-time market which makes finding part time work in Romford easier than in most other areas of London.

People decide to work part time for a number of reasons. Most students do so to earn some extra cash to help fund their studies. Parents might also have to work part time hours due to their family life. Part time positions can give you the extra money you need to make ends meet.

So you're ready to look for work but where do you look? One of the most popular ways of finding jobs these days is to look online. Some job recruitment websites may have a shortage on part time vacancies but they are still worth taking a look at. Some of our favourite include jobs.ie and parttimejobs.ie.

Checking out the classifieds section of some local newspapers can also be a good idea. Smaller local companies opt for using this method as it is relatively inexpensive. The Romford Recorder often has the latest vacancies.

You could always call into a recruitment agency with your CV and discuss your skills with a qualified recruitment consultant. They will match your skills with any available jobs they have and if there is a match, they will set up an interview for you.

Whatever way you decide to find part time work in Romford, you should always ensure that your CV is up to date, has no mistakes and has a maximum of two pages.

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