Finding part time work in Leeds: places to look

Leeds is a large city in Yorkshire's West Riding which enjoys a diverse economy, far different from its heavy industrial past. Opportunities for part time work in Leeds are plentiful, but knowing where to look can give a job search precision and focus that it might normally have.

Before undertaking any search for part time work, it is essential that job seekers produce an up-to-date CV which is readily available to potential employers, including the names and addresses of two references if possible. It should also be made clear that part time vacancies are being sought rather than full time positions.

Local Press

Perhaps the most obvious place to start looking for part time work is the local paper. Leeds, like the rest of Yorkshire, is served by the Yorkshire Post, which carries job vacancies from all across England's largest county.

As well as carrying job vacancies in its printed edition, the Yorkshire post also operates an online edition. The website has a jobs page, operated by the Jobs Today network, where potential employees can look for part time vacancies.

Job seekers can find the page at Yorkshirepost.co.uk or Jobstoday.co.uk.

Websites and Agencies

Many national websites advertise jobs in Leeds, allowing applicants to tailor and refine searches to fit specific criteria such as part time hours. As well as Jobs Today, other very useful sites for job hunters include Jobsite.co.uk, Reed.co.uk and Totaljobs.com, all of which allow users to search for part-time vacancies in any part of the country.

Agencies are an especially useful resource for people looking for part time jobs. Many agencies specialise in finding short-term or temporary placements for job seekers, allowing the kind of flexibility which many part time workers crave.

While the vast majority of agencies operate online these days, a personal visit to a branch can often prove more profitable, personalising the process and allowing for a greater engagement with the agency. Agencies, like employers, will need access to an up-to-date CV and some references where possible, it should be noted.

Agencies with branches in Leeds city centre include Aaron Personnel, on New York Street in Leeds, Hunslet's Direct Workforce Ltd and the Relay Recruitment Group at King's House on King Street. A full list of agencies from Leeds City Council is available online at Businessandpatents.org, where users can search according to the type of work for which they are looking.

Local Government

Local councils can often be a good source of employment opportunities, especially for part time jobs in service sectors such as childcare or buildings maintenance. The council advertises vacancies in the local press, but a list of all vacancies can be found online at Leeds.gov.uk/jobs_and_careers.aspx.

The council also provides some useful advice for job seekers of all types at its website, and with careful use this can be a key resource in the hunt for part time work.

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