We use jobsite.co.uk to try to find part time work in Cheltenham

Finding part time work is arguably more difficult to do than finding full time work. Not only have you to go through the same tiring process of searching for jobs, then applying, then hoping you get called for an interview and so on, but when looking for part time work you also have to factor in the problem of job visibility. For the most part there simply isn't any.

Employers don't tend to spend big money on advertising their part time positions in the same way they do for important full time ones. Instead these roles are often filled by friends of current staff, or people who were lucky enough to enquire in person about the possibility of work at just the right time.

While there are websites that have somewhat healthy numbers in terms of part time vacancies, they certainly aren't the norm. In order to find out how jobsite.co.uk stacked up against the rest of the job sites online, we decided to put it through its paces in a search for part time work in Cheltenham.

The site interface is much as you would expect from one of the larger job sites in the United Kingdom. Everything is as plain and simple, set to a white background in order to make things as legible as possible. The search system comprises of a keyword box, location box and time of posting drop down which you can use however you want in order to specify the terms of your search.

Results are posted in a handy table, with featured jobs (all paid for by recruiters of course) running down the right hand site of the site. Once you have identified a job you like the look of, you can add it to your shortlist for later, or apply right away using the intuitive application system (you need to register for Jobsite for this to be an option).

With a surprisingly high number of search results, most of which were a solid fit for the criteria entered, jobsite.co.uk fares better than practically all its competitors, marking it out as one of the best places to search for part time jobs online.

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