Job interview tips for part time work

Part time work allows flexibility in a variety of roles. There are still formal procedures to secure posts, and here we outline key interview tips.


Preparing for interviews for part time jobs is all-important. Normally you’ll receive advance warning about the interview date, allowing plenty of time to do your homework.

Research the company and ensure you understand the actual position you are applying for. Obviously you can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of any part time post before you’re actually taken on-board, so have a list of questions. Employer like to see you taking an interest, especially if the job is only part-time.


Make sure you know where you’re going, and leave in plenty time! An employer will not be impressed by lateness at such an early stage in your relationship, and will expect you to have allowed for potential traffic hold-ups.


First impressions are essential. When you introduce yourself at interview, sound confident and use a firm handshake. A smart, tidy appearance is important. If you look good, you’ll generally feel much better during your interview.


An employer will be impressed if you produce a small notebook to jot down details. This will convey enthusiasm. Bring along your CV for easy reference.

The interview itself can take many formats, from a simple question and answer session in an informal setting, to a more imposing interview panel. There might even be group activities or aptitude tests. The key is to be prepared, and project a positive image.


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