Want to find a part time in West Yorkshire job?

West Yorkshire is a large area that incorporates the cities of Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield. There are thousands of jobs available here in a diverse range of sectors. If you're looking for a part time in West Yorkshire job, your best bets include the retail, hospitality and admin industries.

For most part time jobs in West Yorkshire in the aforementioned industries, a low level of qualifications and experience will suffice for entry to the industries. Computer and and typing skills may be required for working in admin, but these can be quickly learnt by taking a short computer course. The majority of part time positions in these industries will pay staff the minimum wage.

So where can you find vacancies for part time jobs in West Yorkshire? Job search websites are fantastic resources for job seekers and are updated daily with new vacancies.

Some of the better sites include Total Jobs, Job is Job and Indeed. All that you need to do before applying for any of the vacancies they have advertised is upload an up to date CV on the website.

Many of the employers and recruitment agencies in West Yorkshire use these sites when they're filling vacancies, and having a CV on their websites is a great way of putting yourself on the market.

And you can register for email alerts of new vacancies in the area. A lot of part time jobs in West Yorkshire require people for an immediate start, and email alerts are the best way of being ready for this.


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