We check out your options for part time Wales careers

Living in Wales and looking to spruce up your career options? There are plenty of huge companies based in Wales that are recruiting right now and in this blog we are going to highlight a few of your options for new part time Wales careers, so let's take a look at what is out there.

While it may not be the hotbed of jobs that you can find in other parts of the UK, Wales is a fantastic place to live, and there are plenty of openings for the right people all around the country. One company that is based in Wales and is continuing to go from strength to strength is frozen food retailer Iceland, and you can check out all of their available jobs on their site at iceland.co.uk.

The Iceland head office is based in Wales, so you don't have to work at one of their stores to get a great job there as there are always openings on the admin side of things in their office. Another fantastic company that is based out of Wales and appears to always be seeking staff is the fast growing Winmau company, the world's number one maker of Dart Boards. You can check them out for jobs and more information on their site at winmau.com.

For a more general look at the kind of jobs that are out there in Wales, we recommend you check out the Job site dedicated exclusively to jobs in Wales, and that site is jobsinwales.com. This site claims it currently has 726 vacancies open right now in Wales, and is the perfect place to check for general openings around Wales.


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