Supplement your income by filling part time vacancies in Swindon

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Many of the jobs that have been created over recent years are part time, and this trend is likely to continue. Currently, over seven million people in the UK work on a part time basis. Traditionally, many part time jobs tended to be in unskilled jobs like catering and cleaning but opportunities are increasing across all sectors. Part time vacancies in Swindon can be found in a variety of ways and places.

You could start your search on job sites such as jobisjob.co.uk and jobrapido.co.uk. These sites have sophisticated search engines which enable you to find part time jobs in Swindon. You can post a CV, apply online and receive job alerts that match your skills and requirements.

You can apply directly to companies in Swindon, where you'd like to work, with a CV and cover letter. Many major employers of part time workers, like Tesco, accept online applications.

Newspapers such as the Wiltshire Gazette & Herald and the Evening Advertiser have listings of part time vacancies in their classifieds section.

Local employment and temping agencies as well as the Jobcentre Plus are an invaluable resource for job seekers. They are often the first to know of part time vacancies which arise in the area.

Another way to work part time in Swindon, is by working from home as a freelancer or on a self-employed basis, and you can do the work at the time which best suits you. With advances in information and communication technology many more opportunities are available to part time employees for working at home.

It is important to be aware that many of the part time vacancies in Swindon may never be advertised. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for work. The more people you have looking out for you at their workplaces, the better.


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