Where and how to find part time vacancies in Thurrock

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Finding part time vacancies in Thurrock is not a straightforward task. It is important for jobseekers to identify areas where jobs are available. In Thurrock much of the commercial activity is based along the riverfront with businesses involved in manufacturing, logistics, retail, construction and transport.

Shellhaven is the location of the largest logistics park in Europe and an ideal place to start looking for part time work. Other major employers include Unilever, Esso, Lakeside Shopping Centre and Tilbury Port.

Construction work is under way on the development of London Gateway Port. The £750 million scheme is one of the largest in the UK and a site of this scale provides plenty of part time vacancies.

The Port of Tibury is one of Britain's three major container ports. The port is very important to the local economy and provides numerous part time jobs. The port employs almost 700 people directly with a further 3,000 employed within the defined port area.

Lakeside has nearly 300 shops, restaurants and cafes and is one of the largest shopping destinations in Britain. With such a variety of services on offer from nurseries to Italian restaurants it is a perfect stomping ground for anyone looking for part time work.

Tourism is also very important to the Thurrock economy. The area is awash with archaeological sites, conservation areas, scheduled monuments and ancient woodlands. Grays Beach Riverside Park is popular with tourists and a good place to look for work.

Part time vacancies in Thurrock can be found advertised in a variety of ways including jobsites, newspapers, jobcentres, temping agencies, radio stations, recruitment agencies and shop windows. Thurrock is full of hidden treasures so start job hunting today and you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

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