We look for potential part time vacancies in Red Hill School Limerick

With the Irish economy in such dire shape at the moment, educational facilities are finding that they are having to make their budgets stretch further and further every year. This means that, rather than hiring full time staff, they instead need to hire part time employees in order to get the most out of their money. While that might not seem like the most common sense approach on paper, it means that they are able to spread their budget around multiple positions, which will in turn allow them to prioritise jobs that need to be done in order, with the most important ones coming top of the list for part time staff to work through while they are in.

Another reason for this shift in focus from full time to part time employment is to make sure that schools don't fall afoul of high redundancy payments should the economic state worsen considerably. The main aim for schools is to ensure that our young people receive the best education possible, and that simply won't be an option if schools need to keep paying out severance payments to staff they can no longer afford to keep on the books.

When it comes to part time vacancies in Red Hill School Limerick, there are a number of potential positions that you might have interest in. Being one of the major schools in the area, experienced administrative and clerical workers are high on the list of requirements. If you have three or more years working in this field, you can expect to earn between €9.80 and €12.00 per hour for your work.

Maintenance and upkeep is another area where part time vacancies regularly arise, and although the €8.90 to €10.20 per hour wages aren't quite up to the level most carpenters, plumbers or expert maintenance operatives are used to, it is certainly enough to keep them ticking over until they can find a full time job.

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