Advice on finding part time vacancies in Colchester

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Finding part time vacancies in Colchester is much easier if you know where to look. Job recruitment websites can be a great place to find full time positions but they don't have as many part time positions advertised due to the high costs of advertising.

The best way to find part time vacancies in Colchester is to simply take a walk through the streets, armed with loads of CVs and drop them into any shops that you would be interested in working with. Keep an eye out in local newspapers or shop windows for "help wanted" signs.

Colchester is home to many high street fashion stores and other retail outlets. The best place to start your search is at the Lion Walk Shopping Centre. Clothes stores such as New Look, River Island or Topshop are great places if you have a flair for fashion.

Many entertainment stores also have a presence at the centre. Game, HMV and Phones4U are just some examples of where to look. Marks and Spencers can also be a good place to drop your CV into.

Like all good shopping centres, there has to be somewhere to eat. This gives us more opportunities to find part time vacancies in Colchester. How about working in Danny's Bakery or Costa Coffee?

Of course, there are many other outlets in the centre and spread across the whole town of Colchester. Take a walk around and you will be surprised at the number of part time vacancies in Colchester that you come across.

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