Snagging yourself one of the many part time Tesco vacancies

If working in a fast paced retail environment sounds like something you would be interested in, then have you given any thought to working at Tesco? As one of the UK's largest employers, there's bound to be a job for you in one of their many specialist areas, even if you want to start at the bottom with part time Tesco vacancies.

As a 24 hours a day, seven days a week operation, no matter what hours you seek to work, Tesco will likely to be able to fulfil your needs. They realise that they need to be flexible with their staff these days, so flexible working options are offered as well as the potential to swap shifts with other staff.

Customer Service is king at Tesco, with the employer having an "All hands to the pump" mentality around Christmas time, with some head office staff even being asked to man the tills as well as most of the 12,000 management staff helping out in store to stack the shelves.

It's an invaluable environment in which to better yourself, and the sky is the limit if you get a job there, as the current Chief Executive Sir Terry Leahy joined as a management trainee in 1979, so promotions are very much attainable!

Applying for a part-time role at a Tesco store is a simple process. All you have to do is pick up an application form from your nearest Tesco store, and you can find out where that is at tesco.com/storelocator. Simply fill in the form and drop it in to the store's Human Resources department and hopefully a job will be waiting for you!

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