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Retail is one of the best industries you can pick when looking for part time temporary Western Cape jobs. It is an extremely easy industry to enter as little or no experience is required to secure a job. Working in retail will require you to understand the needs of the customer. You should be willing to help customers with their purchases and be able to close as many sales as possible.

Finding the hottest retail jobs can be done in a number of ways. Firstly, you should keep an eye on job recruitment websites. This is the quickest way of finding loads of jobs in one place. Some of the most popular South African job websites are:

  • Careerjet.co.za
  • jobspace.co.za
  • Bestjobs.co.za

You should also take a walk through any shopping areas close to you. Shopping centres are always worth visiting with a bunch of recent CV's. Canal Walk shopping centre is one of Africa's leading retail malls. It has over 400 shops, 50 restaurants and a 17 screen cinema. You should have no problem securing part time work here if you apply to loads of places.

There are hundreds of high street fashion outlets at the centre. As long as you have a flair for fashion, you're in with a chance of securing a job. The cinema is also a great place to work. They regularly require new seat ushers and ticket agents to work part time.

So what are you waiting for? Start your new job hunt now and find part time temporary Western Cape jobs in retail here.

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