Tips on part time temporary receptionist jobs in Birmingham

Whatever your reason is for looking for part time temporary receptionist jobs in Birmingham, you are bound to find many opportunities in the area. Almost every business needs a receptionist. You may find work at a health care centre, hotel or even an auto repair shop.

Receptionist Opportunity Companies

Probably the best place to start your search is with recruitment agencies. Placing your resume with one or several of these can land you a position quickly. Other companies look to recruitment agencies to pre-screen and interview applicants. Firms such as Fish4Jobs, Hunter Rebecca, Connaught Partners Ltd. and Tirebuck Recruitment are some of the major recruitment agencies with listings of Birmingham jobs.

In addition, you can always apply directly with the many major companies in the Birmingham/West Midlands area. Several large firms are based here, such as Cadbury, Jaguar, British Telecom and Direct Line Insurance.

The Salary to Expect

As a part time receptionist you will work approximately 20 hours per week. Salary often depends on experience and additional duties you will be expected to attend in addition to greeting visitors and answering the telephone. Pay generally runs £7 to £9 per hour or around £8,000 to £15,000 per annum for a receptionist in greater Birmingham.

Job Requirements

Since the receptionist is usually the first person a client sees, it is important that you have a professional appearance and are friendly and inviting. A great deal of discretion is required in addition to good general knowledge, responsible attitude, punctuality, and versatility. With these skills you should have no problem landing one of the part time temporary receptionist jobs in Birmingham.


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