Find yourself a part time Sussex career today

When most people think of part time jobs, they certainly don't think of the word career. Instead many people view part time work as being something that students do to pay their way through school. However that couldn't be further from the truth these days. Since the recession hit, many companies are now hiring far more part time and contract staff than ever before.

By doing this, they are protecting themselves against potential redundancy payments should things go wrong, as well as making sure that they can let under-performing staff go without needing to jump through red tape.

That might not sound like good news for the part time job hunter, but it does mean that there are plenty of positions available across a wide range of industries and sectors. Traditionally part time work meant working in the retail industry, usually as a cashier or customer sales representative, and while these are perfectly fine jobs, they don't carry the kind of money that many people would like from a career.

Nowadays you'll be able to work in everything from information technology services to accounting to managerial positions on a part time basis. And once you've got your foot in the door you'll have the opportunity to impress your new employers to the extent that they may decide that they can't do without you, and would like to hire you permanently.

While that might not be what you had in mind, since many people much prefer the part time hours, it does go to show that there are plenty of opportunities available.

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