How to get the right part time summer work to help with your career

If you're looking for a summer job, don't just grab the first one that comes along so you can make some quick money. Think about your career goals. What do you want to do in life? Where would you like to work? What skills do you need to learn to get the job of your dreams? Then, look for part time summer work that's not only fun and pays you, but can help you get where you want to go.

Assess Your Skill Requirements - The most important decision about part time summer work is what you will learn and if your skills will develop. If your career goal is to be a civil engineer or an archaeologist, then working in a sales job at a high street shop isn't likely to help much. Figure out the skills you need to learn to get into your choice of career, then look for part time summer work that will teach those skills.

Paid Summer Internships - Many UK companies offer paid part-time summer internships to qualified applicants. For instance, if you're in high school and applying to go to university for Accounting or already in university in the middle of a BA in Finance, look at paid summer internships at top UK companies.

You will get great experience relevant to your area of study, you'll make useful contacts and get paid for working too. There's a huge list of UK internships at E4S - e4s.co.uk/docs/internships.htm - and many of them are paid.

Don't Make It All About the Money - If you can afford to work for free doing part time summer work, consider doing so if you find something that's perfect for your future career plans. While there are some amazing opportunities that are paid, there are also others that are unpaid or only offer a nominal salary.

Assess the benefits of being paid as oppose to those of working for the company of your dreams. After all, if you're only working part-time, you can always get a second part-time job for the summer that does pay.

Two websites are the best places to start for paid summer jobs - summer-jobs.co.uk and, if you're already a student in college or university- summerjobs4students.co.uk. Both have thousands of opportunities in the UK and overseas.

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