Part time South Yorkshire jobs in the service industry

Part time jobs in South Yorkshire are mostly available in the areas of academia, accounting, food and beverage, hospitality and other service based industries. Part time South Yorkshire jobs can range from £80 per week to £18,000 per year.

Precedo Healthcare Services

The health industry is a service based industry that is growing in demand. There is always a good need for home health aides, doctors and nurses. Part time South Yorkshire jobs in this field seek workers who are available on an as needed basis for home care work. Salary range for part time nursing and home health aides start at £8 per hour. Salary rates are higher with experience. Candidates eligible for these positions would have at least 6 months experience as a home care assistant. Other qualifications include communication skills, clinical references and health or nursing certifications.

RBS Insurance

Insurance is a billion dollar industry. People need all types of insurance products ranging from travel, home, life, car, business and even pet insurance. Employers are seeking candidates who can deal directly with customers, talk to clients on the telephone and sell various financial products. Part time salary ranges for these sales jobs start at £15,500. There is the option for benefits and the chance for full time work.

Bliss Travel

Travel is a huge industry and several companies are head-quartered in South Yorkshire. Travel advisors starting salary for part time work is £8,000 per year. As a travel advisor, employees provide customer service and administrative support. The advisor assists the sales team to secure new sales. Experience with dealing with people and communications are necessary to be successful in this role.

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