We look at some of the part time South Yorkshire careers available now

When many people think about part time jobs, the first things that spring to their minds are students working in retail positions, or people working in temporary jobs in order to tide them over between jobs. While this may have been true many years ago, the fact of the matter is that nowadays you can actually make a career for yourself by working part time hours.

With so many businesses struggling to make ends meet, they are often unable to hire in the number of full time staff they need in order to get their work done properly. When this happens, they will often turn to part time or temporary staff. By doing this they can minimise their exposure to pricey redundancy packages and messy contract wrangling should they need to let anyone go for whatever reason.

Although this isn't necessarily good news for the job seeker, it does mean that there are an increasing number of part time South Yorkshire careers opening up for those who know where to look.

The positions available these days are certainly a far cry from the stereotypical part time roles. Instead, these can be very high powered positions requiring years of experience and high levels of education. Just because you're working less hours doesn't make the work you're doing any less important.

One area where this has really become the norm is in the financial industry. Many companies are now hiring accountants to look after their books on a part time basis. Rather than keeping them on the pay roll indefinitely, they tend to offer part time contracts over a number of weeks or months every year.

This practice is becoming more and more common, especially for highly specialised jobs where companies may not have need for a body all year round. We are now seeing an ever increasing number of roles like this opening up in information systems. Whether you're a network expert or someone who knows how to install, troubleshoot or repair printers you're likely to find plenty of work out there from large companies on a part time basis.

So in short, there are plenty of opportunities for part time South Yorkshire careers out there if you keep your ear to the ground and work hard on building a reputation for yourself.

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