Part time secretarial and admin jobs available in Dublin

There are hundreds of part time secretarial and admin jobs in Dublin you can apply for today. Many businesses require admin workers, and with the vast number of businesses located in Dublin, you can guess at what employment opportunities are out there.

The best place to search for part time secretarial and admin jobs in Dublin is with job search websites. Jobs, Irish Jobs and Recruit Ireland are some of the leading jobs sites that give you access to many of these positions.

Before applying for any of the vacancies you come across with job search websites, you'll need to upload a current CV on the website. This opens up the possibility of being headhunted by some of the employers and recruitment agencies who use these sites when they're recruiting in Dublin.

You can also register for email alerts of new vacancies that match your interests. And they're a great way of getting your name in first for jobs that often require people to start working immediately.

Part time secretarial and admin jobs in Dublin are available to almost everyone. The low levels of qualifications and experience required by candidates are one of the biggest attractions to the industry. The starting wage for most people in the admin industry is the minimum wage, but this can be improved on over time.

Computer skills are important for admin workers because of the large amount of duties that are carried out on a PC. Typing skills are a major bonus for job seekers, and candidates should aim for a speed of 30 to 40 wpm.


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