Best place to find part time secretarial admin jobs in Cork.

If you're looking for part time secretarial admin jobs in Cork you should think about looking anywhere that makes us of computer technology, rather than looking for standard office jobs. In fact, standard office jobs aren't likely to offer part time work; if you're part of a team all working as administrators for a large company doing the same work they're likely to employ anyone who can work full time to reduce their numbers.


Surgeries and Health Clinics

Surgeries and health clinics are some of the most likely places to offer part time secretarial admin jobs in Cork. With new databases and computer systems required for most doctor's surgeries there's also a growing need to employ administrators as well as secretaries. With the skills to work both as an administrator and a secretary you're likely to be in with a good chance of finding employment. You're likely to find part time work to cover for another employee who needs reduced hours in surgeries and clinics, or temporary cover work.


Small Business Chains

In the retail industry small business chains like Pound World employ a large number of employees on a part time basis to avoid paying "stamp" for full time workers. Look out for small businesses and companies that prefer to employ part time workers rather than full time workers, such as local call centre companies or small business head office vacancies.


Warehouses and Wholesalers

Despite not being a typical office job warehouses and wholesalers often offer jobs for part time secretarial and admin positions in Cork. When client view products in a warehouse it's always good to have a friendly face to greet them, whatever the nature of the business. Because wholesalers and warehouses aren't typically glamourous, client-focused or rely heavily on technology the positions for secretarial work are normally part time in the busiest hours of the day.

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