We investigate your choices for part time Scotland careers

If you are finding your current job is getting you down, then one of the biggest obstacles to doing something about it can be the fact that job-hunting is such a tedious process. Going to interviews and finding jobs to apply for can be time consuming and energy sapping. If you are living in Scotland, we are aiming to help you out with a few ideas for possible part time Scotland careers, so lets take a look.

There are a host of companies based in Scotland that offer excellent employment prospects, it all comes down to whether you want to work in Edinburgh or Glasgow. If you've been thinking of trying to break into the media, then why not check out BBC Scotland in Glasgow? The BBC are regularly advertising a host of positions on their Scottish site at www.bbc.co.uk/scotland. Even if you aren't qualified in journalism or media, there are still plenty of jobs available on there that could interest you!

If you are more technically minded, then why not consider a job with one of the UK's biggest companies, British Energy? They have a massive operation based out of Edinburgh, and you can check out their site at http://www.british-energy.com/. They regularly look for people in a plethora of positions, so they could have a position to fit your skill set.

If you are good with your hands, then car servicing and repair giant Kwik-Fit is based in Scotland and does a roaring trade. You can check out all of their current vacancies on their site at http://www.kwik-fit.com/home.asp. Kwik-Fit also offer a host of training options too, so they are well worth checking out!


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