Where to find the best part time sales jobs in Dublin

Are you the type of person who is up for a challenge? Does a career in sales sounds like something that might appeal to you? If you don't mind a career that is judged on hitting targets, and getting well rewarded for hitting those targets, then perhaps sales is for you! The good news is, if you are based in Dublin, there are a ton of part time sales jobs in Dublin right now, so let's have a look.

Sales jobs are always available in Dublin due to the high attrition rate these jobs can have. This isn't meant to put you off, it's just that sales positions are only suitable for some people. If you think you are up for the challenge, then there is some serious cash to be made. The first place you need to check on the sales job hunt is the Sales Jobs website at salesjobs.ie. This site is the first port of call for every sales job in Dublin as it houses them all under one convenient roof.

It may not be a job site, but we also highly recommend you check out Google for any sales positions they may have at their Barrow Street headquarters. Google have recently bought space to expand their European operation, and there are lots of jobs available right now at google.ie/jobs. Google do like their employees to be educated to Masters standard, so bear this in mind if you intend to apply.

The final site we recommend you check out is the People Group at peoplegroup.ie/. Of all the sites we checked, this site seemed to have the biggest selection of sales jobs in the Dublin area. It even let you search by post code so you can look for jobs that don't require a huge commute.

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