We take a look at some of the part time S1 jobs

We all know how challenging the searching for jobs can be, especially for those of us living in Scotland. As one of the hardest hit parts of the United Kingdom during the recession, the Scottish economy is only now starting to find its feet again as consumer confidence starts to increase and retail spending improves with each passing month.

While the vast majority of job sites out there focus on the UK market as a whole, S1 Jobs have taken the slightly different approach and offer a job that is one hundred per cent focused on Scottish jobs for Scottish people at www.s1jobs.com. This is great news for anyone who was sick and tired of spending their time searching dozens of different job sites only to find that the vast majority of listings were neither part time, nor in Scotland.

Finding part time S1 jobs couldn't be easier thanks to the excellent layout of the website. It is clear and uncluttered, and takes the novel approach of actually adding a splash of colour to the background rather than existing in the usual dull whites and greys that we have become so familiar with on other job sites.

Should you wish to simply conduct a basic search, you'll be able to enter location, core skill, specialism and any key words you like, and for those of you who want to add a little more detail to your search, you'll be able to add salary range, full time or part time specification and contract type by hitting "more search options" - this advanced search enables you to find part time S1 jobs in no time at all.

When you actually get around to the search, we recommend that you keep a close eye on positions from the major part time employers in Scotland, including retail centres and the major supermarket chains like Sainsbury's and ASDA.

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