Find part time retailing, wholesaling and purchasing jobs in Dublin

Today's Irish job market is one that is seriously struggling. With very few full time positions available and more people out of work than at any other time in the past twenty years coupled with the fact that many international companies are starting to cut their losses and leave the country in a search to find greener pastures, searching for a job can be a disheartening experience.

Fortunately, if you're willing to search for part time work as well as full time work, you should have a much better chance of success. There are an increasing number of part time positions becoming available in Dublin these days as many companies are unwilling to commit to long term contracts with their employees.

This might not sound like the ideal scenario for someone searching for work, but it's much better than the alternative of remaining unemployed and relying on state benefits and welfare payments.

When it comes to searching for part time retailing, wholesaling and purchasing jobs in Dublin, there are quite a few places that you should be enquiring about vacancies with.

Fitzpatrick Wholesale on Killeen Road, Dublin 12, is one of the major wholesalers in the country, with a focus on toys, stationary, household items and toiletries. To enquire about any part time positions they may have at the moment, you should contact them directly on 01 450 8300.

Alternatively, you could take a look at JR Byrne and Sons Ltd., who are based in the Robinhood Industrial Estate, Clondalkin. This company is one of the major foodstuff wholesalers in the country, and with a number of huge warehouses to stock, pick and package from they are always in need of additional help. You can contact them directly at 01 460 2580 to enquire about the availability of vacancies.

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