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Many people write off careers with companies such as ASDA and Tesco as being for no hopers, students, pensioners or college drop outs, but that simply isn't the case. While it might have had a hint of truth to it in the past, these days you can build excellent careers with these companies in a number of challenging, exciting and fast moving roles. Even if you're looking for a part time position you'll have plenty to choose from thanks to their flexible working conditions and great staff treatment.

For many people, finding part time retailing wholesaling purchasing jobs is next to impossible. With so few listings ever making it as far as the most popular online job sites, including reed.co.uk, cv-library.co.uk and monster.co.uk you might think that these positions simply don't exist. However we know the real story - they do exist, and they can be yours for the taking if you know where to look.

Due to the fact that companies like ASDA and Tesco prefer to promote from within when new positions become available, it is often the case that their wholesale purchasing positions simply never make it to the public domain. Even the ones that do rarely make their way onto the big name job sites, instead they much prefer to advertise their jobs in house, and on their company websites.

By checking in your local store, as well as keeping an eye on the companies' websites, you'll be able to stay abreast with the latest employment situations, and you'll be much less likely to miss out the next time a position arises that suits your requirements.


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