Interested in part time receptionist,office and administrator jobs?

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If you're currently searching for part time jobs, one of the biggest providers is the burgeoning administration industry. There are literally thousands of part time receptionist, office and administrator jobs to be found in the UK and Ireland, and they're available in every city, town and village.

One of the biggest attractions to the admin industry is the low level of qualifications required for applicants to be considered for many of the positions. The vast majority of admin work these days is done on a computer, so being able to operate essential programs, such as Microsoft Office and Excel is essential.

If you struggle with computers, a basic computer course will give you the skills you need to survive in the admin industry. Drop into your local job centre and they will give you expert advice on the best type of course to do.

Because you'll often be dealing with a business's clients when you're working in admin, communication and organisational skills are also important. Unfortunately, there aren't many courses that can help you with this and it's something that has to be learned through experience.

Online recruitment agencies are fantastic for finding part time receptionist, office and administrator jobs in your area. Admin Jobs, Total Jobs and UK Temps are a few of the leading job sites where you'll find thousands of vacancies in this booming industry. The most important thing to do is upload a current CV on the website so that employers can find out about you.

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