We can help you find part time QFA jobs in Ireland

Despite the fact that the financial industry in Ireland is having a tough time of things right now, and there doesn't appear to be all that much light on the horizon, there is a somewhat surprising increase in the number of positions becoming available for part time QFA jobs. Due to the fact that so many people are now searching for expert financial advice in order to ensure that their money is spent as wisely as possible, the number of Quality Financial Advisors required across the country is increasing with each passing day.

Rather than hiring these new quality financial advisors on a full time basis, many financial companies are instead choosing to take the part time route, saving themselves on potential redundancy payments should things get worse on the economic front. It's definitely a sensible approach and, although it does mean that job security is compromised somewhat, it's always good to have an increased number of positions in any industry in Ireland.

By searching the biggest and most popular of the Irish job sites, including careerjet.ie, monster.ie, nixers.com, irishjobs.ie, jobinireland.com and jobs.ie you'll be able to find some really great positions on offer.

We recommend that you focus primarily on the area in and around the IFSC (International Financial Services Centre) for the best chance of finding work. The IFSC acts as the financial hub for the international financial community in Ireland, so there are a large number of speciality financial companies located in close proximity to each other.

You can expect to earn between €14.30 and €21.75 per hour as a part time QFA, however this will very much depend on your level of experience - so don't expect to walk straight in from college and start earning top dollar, you'll need to work your way up first.

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