Part Time Publishing Media Creative Arts Jobs in Dublin: An Overview

If you have any media related work experience or wish to get into the industry, you may need to start out looking for part time publishing media creative arts jobs in Dublin. In media and creative arts there are many jobs available depending on your know how and speciality.

Media Jobs

Part time media jobs cover of a wide range of jobs in different segments of the market such as:

  • Jobs in television (hosts, announcers, researchers, operators, etc.)
  • Jobs in radio broadcasting (similar to television)
  • Jobs in press and publishing (writers, editors. Reporters, etc.)
  • Business information jobs
  • Digital media jobs
  • Web design jobs
  • Publishing, writing, editing

Salary Expectations

Good positions in media like Media Sales Manager or Media Sales Executive can be paid between 50 to 100£. Many jobs such as web design can be performed at home on line without having to go to an office. These types of jobs may be paid by the hour or by the project on a contract basis. Media jobs that involve public appearances will pay better than other jobs “behind the scenes.”

Major Employers

As far as employment opportunities, often the best places to go are online recruitment websites like totaljobs.com and anderselite.com. Media recruiting companies probably have the highest chance of getting you the appropriate job as they offer access to a wide range of jobs, a diversity of employers, and experienced staff to help you in your search for part time employment. Companies like Rayment Recruitment Ltd., Spectrum, or Ibwell-Cowlin Resourcing Limited can offer a great deal of help in finding the best part time publishing media creative arts jobs in Dublin.

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