Find part time pharmacy jobs in Ireland

We all know how medicine is a very important part of life. And medicine would not reach us without the help of pharmacists. Pharmacists check medical information advise customers on its use.

Are you an aspiring pharmacist with a passion for medicine and helping people? Maybe you already have had experience working in a medical environment and want to pursue this as a professional career. Well there are many part time pharmacy jobs in Ireland!

Many pharmacy job vacancies require you to have a recognised pharmacy qualification. Having previous experience is always a bonus, and employers will be interested to hear about any customer service roles that you have performed. Having sound knowledge of medicine is the main criteria.

If you do not have previous experience in pharmacy then why not go into the local pharmacy stores and ask if they are recruiting? Many places, such as Boots have a work experience programme, where the pay may be a bit low but you gain a lot of experience as well as valuable references. These references will help you in the future when applying for pharmacy jobs available in Ireland. Alternatively, you can always join a recruitment agency who can help you find the jobs that match your search criteria.

So whether you are living in Cork, Dublin or in any other area of Ireland, why not check out who is hiring now! There are many part time pharmacy vacancies up for grabs, so make sure you are the first to apply for these positions!

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