Looking for part time Oxfordshire jobs?

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Despite the high unemployment in the UK at present, there are still part time Oxfordshire jobs available. However, applications for these jobs have become increasingly competitive in recent years, due to the high volume of applications.

It is important to set yourself apart from the crowd, when applying for such positions. An up to date and professional CV is a requirement if you are seeking employment. There are a number of websites that help you with CV preparation and presentation, such as cvwriting.net.

A great place to start when looking for jobs in the Oxfordshire area, would be the local newspaper and radio stations. The Oxford Mail has a variety of part time positions available including bar staff, waiting staff and call centre jobs. You should also check out thisidoxfordshire.co.uk, which comprises of seven newspapers, with a number of part time positions available. It is also important to listen to the local radio stations such as, BBC Radio Oxford whichbroadcasts on 95.2 FM, which advertises a number of local part time jobs.

Alternatively, you should hand you CV into local pubs, bookies, shops, supermarkets and restaurants. It is important to have a proactive approach, as although a position may not be advertised, you might still secure employment. There are also five shopping centres in Oxfordshire. You can find these at ioxfordshire.co.uk, where you can check which one is closest to you then hand your CV into all the outlets.

There are a number of opportunities available for jobs in the Oxfordshire area, so apply and secure your job today.


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