Best job sectors for part time, one day a week jobs in Greater Manchester

In reality part time, one day a week jobs in Greater Manchester isn't going to be easy to come by. A company may decide to offer someone else an extra shift rather than hire a new person, so it's not likely you'll find much. However, some job sectors are more likely to offer part time jobs with limited hours.


One of the key job sectors for part time vacancies is retail. Look for small time chains such as Pound World, as these companies are likely to hire part time staff more than full time staff. Most retail companies don't want to pay "full stamp" for full time staff so they advertise vacancies as part time. If all their staff are over their working hour limit and they risk being viewed as full time employers the retail chain may advertise one day shifts or very little hours for someone else to fill in the gap.


Cleaning positions are much like retail positions. Not only is a full time cleaning position rarely required but companies tend to offer flexible hours to different cleaners at one site. Some cleaning hours are as little as 6 hours per week, which covers a one day shift. Apply to agencies rather than directly to companies who require cleaners as an agency is more likely to divide their hours between different cleaners.

Weekly Events

Some businesses may have weekly events or only open on one day a week. Bars, for example, may hold a special weekly event which could be a good opportunity for you to provide extra help. Other organisations, for example youth groups, may only open once a week anyway. Look around for special weekly events in the lively City Centre or small businesses which only open on certain days. Music clubs in Manchester, such as Satan's Hollow, the Music Box, Factory or Mohos hold regular events which may require extra staffing if you already applied for a position there.

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