Helpful information on how and where to find part time Nottinghamshire jobs

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The Nottinghamshire economy has seen a gradual change from a dependence on traditional industries to a more knowledge intensive economy, which is better able to compete in global economic markets. The region also has a strong service sector base capable of providing an abundance of part time Nottinghamshire jobs.

The largest employer in the area is the Nottinghamshire County Council with approximately 28,000 employees. The NHS and the University of Nottingham are also major public sector employers.

The largest private sector employer is Alliance Boots with over 6,000 staff. They are a leading international, pharmacy-led health and beauty group delivering a range of products and services to customers. The company offers a variety of part time jobs across its manufacturing and retail businesses.

Some of the other major employers include Experian who are an information solutions business, and the energy company E.ON UK. The Siemens Group, Imperial Tobacco, Rolls Royce and financial services businesses like Capital One and DSGi are based in Nottinghamshire.

Distribution is a large sector in Nottinghamshire. It's linked closely to the presence of the retail group John Lewis who employ over 1,000 staff in the area, many of whom are part time employees.

Part time jobs can be advertised in a variety of places such as jobsites, recruitment agencies, job centres, shop windows, community halls, temping agencies, newspapers, radio stations and word of mouth.

Finding part time Nottingham jobs will always be a challenge, but you can make things easier by utilising the many tools available to jobseekers and by keeping a positive attitude.

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