You can find great part time Northamptonshire jobs with this guide

Given the current economic climate throughout the United Kingdom it's not surprising that jobs are really at a premium these days. It doesn't matter whether you're looking for full time or part time work, you're going to be up against a huge number of people all seeking desperately to make themselves some additional money and make their way out of the unemployment line and start back on the road to becoming self sufficient once more.

There are a number of great employers in the local area who can offer you really great part time Northamptonshire jobs. While they might not be exactly what you were looking for, and the money might be a far cry from the kind of wage you were earning before things started to turn ugly in the British economy, they will provide you with a means to make some money, which is exactly what we're all searching for at the end of the day.

Just like across the majority of the rest of the United Kingdom, the major part time employers in the Northampton area are the major supermarkets. With giant chains like Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons and Costcutter all located in the region, there are plenty of opportunities available for a wide range of different part time jobs.

While most of the positions will be in sales assistant or floor staff roles, earning between £5.20 and £6.70 per hour, there are also a number of managerial positions for those of you with experience in more senior roles. Rather than relying on the online job sites to let you know about vacancies with these companies, we recommend that you call in in person to request an application form, as this often represents the quickest way to getting your foot in the door with them.

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