Ideas for a part time North West career

Are you based in the North West of England and thinking about changing the direction of your career? Anyone looking to get a job in this area is spoiled for choice due to the proximity of both Liverpool and Manchester, so in this blog we'll be checking out the best places to find a new part time North West career.

If you are into the world of music, then Manchester is perhaps the best place in the UK to check out for jobs, as the likes of Factory Records - factoryrecords.net, A.T.I.C Records - aticrecords.com, and Banter Media - bantermedia.com, are all based in the area. Positions in these types of companies are generally filled through work experience, so email them today and register your interest.

Manchester is also a brilliant area to get a leg up in the aviation industry as it is the home and base of Thomas Cook Airlines - thomascookairlines.co.uk. Thomas Cook are perhaps the UK's biggest charter holiday provider, and they are always looking for bright and enthusiastic staff for their myriad of available positions. Even if you have no interest in aviation, there are still plenty of admin and warehouse jobs available here.

Another suggestion for a company on the up that we suggest you check out is Regatta Clothing, who are based in the north west, and you can find their website at regatta.com. Regatta operate a number of retail locations around Manchester, and have a number of part time vacancies open right now.

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