Find part time Norfolk jobs with our help

Many people like to jump head first into the online job market without first giving consideration to the type of work they're searching for which often results in a severe reduction in their productivity levels. When you're looking for work, it's worth remembering that you need to treat your job search just like a full time job. The more time and attention to detail you put into your search, the much higher your chances of finding a position that really suits your experience and qualifications.

When searching for part time Norfolk jobs, we first recommend you sit down and have a good look at your current CV. As the first point of contact any potential employers have with you, it's always worth double and triple checking it to make sure that it contains no errors and does the best job possible of selling your abilities.

There are few things that put an employer off more than a poorly prepared CV. Not only does it indicate a lack of care on your part, but it also suggests that you are happy to submit work that doesn't reach the standards it should. If you need help with writing your CV, check out cvwriting.com for all the hints and tips you could ever need.

Once that's done it's time to consider the type of job you're looking for. As soon as you have decided that, you'll be able to pick a website that suits best for your criteria. We recommend taking a look at jobisjob.co.uk for any corporate type jobs, gumtree.co.uk or localjobs.co.uk for casual part time work, and your local employment agencies for clerical and administrative roles.

Hopefully armed with all this information you'll now be better positioned to find yourself a new part time job in the shortest time possible. Good luck with your search!

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