Find some part time no experience needed jobs in Durban, South Africa

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Are you planning to relocate to South Africa soon or are you currently living there and looking for part time no experience needed jobs in Durban? Durban is the largest city in the province of KwaZulu Natal and the second largest in the country. This makes finding part time positions more likely than in other areas of the country.

Finding these positions can be very time consuming. Keep an eye out on notice boards, shop windows and local newspapers. Most part time positions won't be heavily advertised so you need to simply ask around and see what you can find. Some jobs are easier to find than others. Your most likely option for finding part time no experience jobs in Durban include:

Child Minder / Au Pair

Many families in Durban require help from a child minder occasionally. While experience is preferred, it is not essential. Getting one of these jobs is simply about having a friendly personality and being good with kids. Some positions are live in and others will require that you also attend to household duties.


There are many ticket desks and tour guides required for the city. If you know the area well and are a fun and friendly person, this could be a position for you.

Finding part time no experience needed jobs in Durban can also be done online. Although there might not be many part time vacancies, they are still worth a look. Some of the most trusted sites include:

  • Jobs.co.za
  • Bestjobs.co.za
  • Careerjunction.co.za

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