Looking for part time Newcastle upon Tyne Durham County jobs?

Finding part time work can be a tricky thing these days. Not only is the job market struggling, but there are more and more people out there competing for an increasingly limited selection of positions. However anyone who is searching for part time Newcastle upon Tyne Durham County jobs has a slight advantage over the rest.

The Newcastle area is served by a number of top supermarket brands, each of which has a reputation for hiring large numbers of part time staff to supplement their core base of full time employees. With Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury's, Morrison's and Iceland all active in the area, some with more than one store, there are plenty of vacancies available on an ongoing basis.

The problem that many people have with this kind of retail work is the fact that they assume that employees are poorly treated, especially part time staff. We can assure you that this simply isn't the case with the companies we mentioned. They are known for their excellent treatment of staff, as well as their willingness to provide on the job training and up skilling, and their preference to promote from within instead of searching externally for staff.

This means that you'll have a great opportunity to build a career from what originally started as a part time position. The most common jobs available with these companies are in the role of cashier. You'll be expected to deal with the public in this role, so a pleasant personality is a definite bonus. The wages aren't going to make you rich at between £5.30 and £5.87 per hour, but the work is challenging and enjoyable, and you'll have your foot in the door which could lead to much better job prospects in the future.


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