Looking for ideas for part time Merseyside careers?

When a city has spawned one of the greatest bands of all time in the Beatles, and one of the most successful football teams in the world in Liverpool FC, you know it has something right going for it! Liverpool is a hip city, still glowing from being named European Capital of Culture in 2008. The good news is, it is also a brilliant place to hunt for a job as there are plenty of part time Merseyside careers going right now!

Whether it's retail jobs, or career style jobs you are after, you can find them all on the banks of the Mersey. Liverpool has a brand new retail development in the shape of the One Shopping Centre, which is one of the largest urban regeneration projects ever undertaken in the UK. It has over 160 different retail outlets to choose from, and the full range can be viewed on their site at liverpool-one.com/website/home.aspx.

Have you dreamed of joining the team at your favourite football club? Both Liverpool FC and Everton FC regularly advertise openings at their clubs on the admin side of things on their sites. So if you want to work at Liverpool, check out liverpoolfc.tv/corporate/jobs-at-lfc. If blue is more your colour, then check out the vacancies at Everton at evertonfc.com/club/career-opportunities.html.

Merseyside even has it's own dedicated job site you can check out at myliverpooljobs.co.uk to get an overview of the roles available in the region. This site is recommended as it allows you to upload a CV too!


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