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When looking for the latest part time London jobs, you will notice that there isn't as many vacancies as what there was a couple of years ago. To have the best chances of finding a part time job, you need to look in as many places as possible.

  1. Local Media - Local newspapers are always worth flicking through as they contain many jobs from some of the smaller companies in the area. Look out for the Guardian or the Evening Standard as they are among the best in the city for jobs.
  2. Recruitment websites - Some job recruitment websites are great resources when looking for part time London jobs. Most of them even let you upload your CV directly to employers and register for job alerts via email. Some of the best job sites are Londonjobs.co.uk and Londonjobsfinder.com.
  3. Recruitment agencies - Recruitment agencies are a great way of finding the latest vacancies. Simply drop into any agency and have a chat with an experienced recruitment specialist who can match your skills to any available vacancies. They will even get you prepared for any interviews you might be offered. Some of the most reputable in the city are:
  • Office Angels, 71 Buckingham Palace Road, London
  • Kelly Services, 31 Grosvenor Gardens, London
  • Adecco Knightsbridge, 133 Victoria Street, London
  • Excel Ltd, 116 High Holborn, London

4. Apply directly - Simply take a walk through the shopping areas of the city and apply to any shops that interest you. Shopping centres can be a great place to start.


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