We take a look for part time legal jobs in Dublin

With the Irish economy still in a bad way, more and more employers are starting to hire staff on a part time basis rather than a full time basis. While this certainly isn't the ideal solution to the country's financial problems, it does ensure that more jobs are being created, while companies are able to minimise their exposure to potential redundancy payments should they need to let any of their staff go due to further financial problems down the line.

While part time jobs used to be mainly for students, pensioners and people who didn't need to work full time in order to get by, in Dublin they are becoming much more common for the reasons we mentioned above - especially in highly specialised positions where staff may not necessarily be needed around the clock.

If you are relying on the various job sites out there to find yourself part time legal jobs in Dublin then you're really going to be fighting a losing battle. These sites have gotten so much more competitive in the past few years that it is almost impossible to even get your CV read it you don't apply to the listing within the first hour or so after it has been posted.

Instead, we recommend that you take a look at some of the recruitment agencies in the area who specialise in placing staff in these kinds of positions. In particular we recommend you check out the following, Brightwater Recruitment Specialists (brightwater.ie), Sigmar Recruitment (sigmarrecruitment.com) and Benson and Associates (benasso.com).

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