Find the best part time Lancashire careers with this guide

If you're living in the Lancashire area, or are willing to relocate in order to find work, then you're going to be at a distinct advantage when compared to many people living in other parts of the United Kingdom. While many other regions have a severe lack of work on both the part time and full time fronts, Lancashire can boast a number of promising opportunities for those of you searching for part time work.

When looking for part time Lancashire careers, we strongly recommend that you focus your attention on the many business and industrial parks located throughout the area. Lancashire Business Park (Centurian Way, Leyland), Glenfield Park (Philips Road, Blackburn), Workstation Business Centre (Berry Lane, Longridge) and Fern Court Business Centre (Castlegate, Clitheroe) all house a number of expanding companies in a number of different industries who are always looking for energetic and enthusiastic new employees for part time Lancashire careers.

The work available at these businesses can range from factory work, including picking and packaging or assembly line work which will earn you between £7.50 and £9.80 per hour, to clerical or administrative work from which you could expect to earn between £6.80 and £9.20 per hour.

While the type of work that is best suited to you will very much depend on your education and prior work experience, we highly recommend that you don't rule anything out just because it doesn't appeal to you right off the bat.

In many cases it is best to simply get your foot in the door with these companies, because one you're in you can prove yourself to be a valuable employee and open the door to exciting career progression prospects.

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