We look for the best ways to find a part time Lanarkshire career

With the UK job market the way it is righ now, featuring higher competition levels than we have seen for many decades, there are an increasing number of people growing more and more frustrated by the day with the fact that no matter how many jobs they apply for it seems that they never hear anything back. There are few things that are as disheartening than this, and it certainly does nothing to improve your sense of self worth.

However the reason for this lack of response is often that the advertising company is simply overwhelmed by the level of response they get from their job postings. With countless internet jobs sites available out there, and with many of them allowing you to search the results of their competitors' sites it is no surprise that tens of thousands of people a day have access to these postings. With those kinds of figures acting as your competition, you're going to need to do something special in order to even get as far as the interview section.

Fortunately, these vacancies aren't the only ones available. Those of you looking for a part time Lanarkshire career could do much worse than printing out a number of copies of your CV and hitting some of the excellent shopping centres in the region. With so many stores on offer at shopping centres these days, it's absolutely no surprise that they account for the vast majority of part time work in any given area.

You're spoiled for choice when it comes to shopping centres in the Lanarkshire region. With great options like Regent Shopping Centre (Hamilton), East Kilbride Shopping Centre (Glasgow), Princes Square (Glasgow) Forge Shopping Centre (Glasgow) and St Enochs (Glasgow) all offering countless job opportunities at any given time, you're bound to find something that suits you whether it's working as a sales assistant, in a managerial capacity or in a peripheral role behind the scenes, such as accounts, information technology or receptionist.

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