Do you need help finding the latest part time Kettering jobs?

When looking for the latest part time Kettering jobs, it is important that you have spent a substantial amount of time preparing your CV and cover letters. We recommend that you personalise a new cover letter for each job you apply to.

As for your CV, you should remember that this is the only piece of information a potential employer has on you and you need to ensure it is representing you in a positive way.

Make sure it is free from spelling or grammatical errors and it is neat and tidy. It should include all your personal details, educational accomplishments and previous work history that relates to the job you are applying for. Take a quick look at improveyourcv.co.uk for loads more great tips.

The website of The Kettering Evening Telegraph is a great place to find the most recent local jobs. Visit them at northantset.co.uk/jobs. There are plenty of great job websites out there to browse through including jobisjob.co.uk and jobsite.co.uk. Make sure to type "Kettering" into the location box so you are only viewing the jobs from the area.

Retail is possibly the most popular choice for people pursuing a new part time job. It is relatively easy to enter the industry with an entry level job as a stock assistant, cashier or a sales advisor. Don't expect to earn too much more than the national minimum wage which is currently £5.93 per hour.

The Newlands shopping centre is worth visiting as you will find many great names under the one roof. The centre is just a mile from junction 7 of The A14 or you can catch the bus to Newlands Street bus station.

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